Web Case Study


The Complete application is a simple project management application that let users create an account, make a list of their project titles with their description, set its deadline, and archive or complete their project. This app provides a platform for users to plan and organize their projects.


The clients are Hugo Leonardo Casanova. As a web designer, my goal is to build a functioning and designed chat application in 5 weeks for them. He provided basic frameworks without CSS styling. I also had to create a database table, mood board, and brand logo and fill in missing codes. I also needed to create wireframes of the home, list, and message pages. As a bonus, I needed to create an animated logo.






Color Palette


Building the Complete app needed completing the back end such as the PHP Javascript. For the design, I needed bold sans-serif Archive typography with dark colors. I have to make the app look creative and organized. It was educative on creating documentation for the database and figuring out the queries. The front end of designing the interface required research and trial errors.


I was challenged to figure out the queries in the PHP file. I was to modify codes to correspond with the names in my database. I experience trial and error to make the insert the user project function. It was confusing how different elements work and correlate to each other.


The solution is to include also rename the elements in Javascript and HTML. I did a trial to make sure the function works and can enter the information through the project table in my database. Then I design the title and description in CSS. I added colors, and transitions and I made it responsive.


I am happy with my Complete application because this was a crucial and huge project that was based on my previous similar apps. I like how the layout and branding were engaging for people to user experience. I also like my designs because it is a professional theme from the logo and is stylish from the transitions of the forms. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome. The clients are satisfied with the results and effort of asking for constant feedback from him.