About the Vending Machine App

The Vending Machine is a simple listing application for snacks and drinks. This app is for the people who love treating themselves with comfort food and want to list them on an app.


The client has requested to build an app that allows the user to enter items in a general purpose of a shopping list. Each item that a user adds to the list, it will show a description and a quantity. The app shows the list of the items that a user has entered, and a simple form to let the user add a new item. The app also allow the user to reset the list by clicking the reset button. This would simply delete all the items in the list so the user can make a new list.

Designs & Review:

For the designs, I used a lawn green colour for the title of my app name and smaller font for it so it will not be a distraction. I have a lawn green button for add item and red button for reset so the user can easily differentiate them and their purpose. I also use darkgrey and grey layout because my app is inspired by the colours of vending machine and to let the user focus on the main content of the page. I put the item on the left and quantity on the right in the list that shows a order to their forms which help them look organize. I added an overflow for the user to easily navigate his list without scrolling down the page and can still add more items on the forms at the same time. I used big fonts plus black and white colours for the list to make simple and readable. Lastly, i made the app compatible to mobile version for the accomodation of the user.

My thoughts on the project, it was fun building the structure of the app. I learned so much about how everything works as the app developer rather than being the consumer.

Documentation and Wireframes:

Click the button for the PDF file that contains the documentation and database provided for the Vending Machine application:

Here are the desktop & mobile wireframes of the app:
desktop_wireframe mobile_wireframe