About the Uselist App

The Uselist is a simple listing application that let users create an account, make list and check them. This app provides a helpful platform for users to list your notes, chores and other routines you do.


Designs and Review:

For the designs, i choosed simple colours such as light gray and green so it was not too colourful. I put big forms and large font size on both pending and completed lists for the users to see their things to do clearly. Overall, the Uselist app is an easy app to navigate.

I believed that this project was a big learning curve for me. It was challenging but i enjoyed learning more about the functions of php files and other new things. I looked forward on making the next project.


Click the button for the PDF file that contains the documentation and database provided for the Uselist application:


Here are the desktop & mobile wireframes of the app:
wireframe-desktop1 wireframe-desktop2 wireframe-mobile1 wireframe-mobile2