About The Green Convo App

The Green Convo application is a simple chat application that let users create an account, see the list of users and message them. This app provides a communication platform for users to connect and conversate.


New Feature:

Designs and Review:

For the designs, I choose friendly colours such as varities of green. I put big forms and large font size on both messages and user lists for the users to navigate easily.

For this project, I worked individually. I enjoyed learning new essential codes, designing the interface and how everything turned out with my Green Convo app.


Click the button for the PDF file that contains the documentation and database provided for the Green Convo application:


Here are the mobile wireframes:
GreenConvo-W1 GreenConvo-W2 GreenConvo-W3
Here are the desktop wireframes:
GreenConvo-W4 GreenConvo-W5 GreenConvo-W6