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Welcome to my gallery! My name is Michael James Tenorio. Here is my web gallery where you can read a littlie bit about me, including my favorite pictures like my childhood, travel photos, birtdays and many more, thank you for visiting and create your own gallery.


The best way to describe me is that i am a practical person but who thrives to understand complicated matters. I am in the Mircomedia program because it has peak my interest wether its from expanding my creativity through arts or becoming more techincal with softwares. I hope to use the knowledge and experience that i will acquire from the program to build my own path of success through the tech industry and working independantly. I wish to make a living through my vlog someday and still have a job helping other businesses. Most importantly, i want to help my family and make friends with other creative minds along the way.I wish this was in a better circumstance. However, i am very please to be apart of the program and glad to meet everyone.


Me enjoying the sunset of St. Anne park
My favorite restaurant, now in Ontario
My sister's wedding with my family
My birthday celebrated in quaratine of 2020
The 5 years old me in the Philippines
Me and My Cousins
Forest bridge at the zoo
Fall photoshoot during the 2nd wave in October
Picture with small Christmas tree
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