That is one of the most inspiring quote by Aleksei Gan that started the rise of art during the Russian Revolution. This historical movement was led by Aleksei, Vladimir Tatlin and Alexander Rodchenko other artists that created the Constructivism. A new form of art that focuses on the contemporary and the work industry which express a communist view.


Constructivism is a unique form art of in the artistic because it does not convey an artistic perspective. Instead, it uses architectural tools to create geometrical forms, straight lines and textile designs which makes it practical and concrete. It reflects on the science and mathematical aspect of the production industry. The art of constructivism is based on constructing that is applied not only in art designs but also in fashion, architecture, engineering and other production materials.

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Vladimir Tatlin

Vladimir Tatlin was Russian-Ukranian soviet. He studied at the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts in 1910. He was the architect, sculpturer, painter and designer. He became famous after being inspired by Pablo Picasso’ work and construct his own exhibition at Futurists event which he created the Tatlin Tower also known as the Moment to the Third International in the 1919 located in St Petersburg Russia. He was the founder who led his group of artists to creating a unique art form of with engineering and sculpture skills named as Constructivism Art movement.

Diet Sayler

Diet Sayler was born in 1939 at Romania. He went to the Technical University of Timasoara and studied structural Engineering. Before becoming an the youngest top artist, he painted for Julius Podlipny which he painted abstract art which eliminated in exhibitions. However, he participated in the Prague Spring exhibition where he made his marked as the first abstract-constructive designed in Romania.