Green Convo

Web Case Study


Green Convo is a friendly and easy to used chat application. This app is perfect for people looking to make friends and keep in contact with them. The green color encourages people to talk about eco-friendly and environmental conversation. It is a perfect app to connect with people and use them with any device.


The clients are Hugo Leonardo Casanova and Yui Hang Ng. My goal as a web designer is to build a functioning and designed chat application in 2 months for them. They gave me a bare-bone back end without CSS styling. I had to create documentation and a database table and fill in missing codes. I also needed to create wireframes of the home, list, and message pages. For the design, I needed readable typography and bright colors. I have to make the app look creative and organized. As a bonus, the app needed color as its name.


Lilita One





Color Palette


Building this app needed completing the back end such as the PHP Javascript. It was educative on creating documentation for the database and figuring out the queries. The front end of designing the interface required research and trial errors. For my design, I choose a green color palette that represents efficiency and friendliness. For the typography, Lilita One is a playful and bold font for the logo. Verdana is legible and readable in paragraph font


I found the biggest challenge in implementing my special feature of login time. It needed a javascript section for users to see each other's last login. It took me a good amount of time to make it work. I had teachers who guided me through my errors which I fixed and moved on to designing this feature.


The solution also includes PHP codes and queries for the special feature to function. Then, I change the table about the date and timestamps. I want the users to see from their last login. I match the table names with the queries and the other missing codes. I design the new feature in the list of user pages the under the user names.


I am very proud of this project because this was a big and important project that I made individually. I like how the navigation and layout were easy for people to use. I also love my designs because it is colorful and legible for the fonts on my homepage, list page, and message page. It is a great website that I can show for my portfolio. The clients are satisfied with the results. They like the colors and layout. Their criticism is that it was not fully responsive. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome and encourage people to use it.